IMI GetReal WP4 meeting: Best practices and recommendations
Speaker: Thomas Debray , Orestis Efthimiou , Eva-Maria Didden
GetReal Annual Meeting

The work presented is from the IMI GetReal project: http://www.imi-getreal.eu/


1. Thomas Debray (University Medical Centre, Utrecht): "Individual Participant Data Network Meta-Analysis (IPD-MA)"

2. Orestis Efthimiou (University of Ioannina): "Combining randomized and non-randomized evidence in a network meta-analysis (NMA): A case study in schizophrenia"

3. Eva-Maria Didden (University of Berne, Switzerland): "Learning and Predicting Real-World Treatment Effect based on RCTs and Observational Data: A case study on rheumatoid arthritis"

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  • DATE
    10 Feb 2016
  • TIME
    07:45 am to 09:45 am
    Science and Industry Museum, Manchester, United Kingdom