Zika Virus Consortium individual participant data meta-analysis

Thomas Debray, Karel Moons

This project aims to lead the development of a detailed analysis plan and draft code to conduct the following ZIKV IPD-MA Objectives:

  1. Estimate the absolute and relative risks of fetal infection; miscarriage (<20 weeks gestation), fetal loss (≥ 20 weeks gestation), microcephaly, and other manifestations of CZS and later developmental delays for women who do and do not experience ZIKV infection during pregnancy.
  2. Identify factors that modify women's risk of adverse ZIKV-related fetal, infant, and child outcomes and infants' risk of infection (e.g. gestational age at time of infection, clinical or subclinical illness, concurrent or prior arbovirus exposure, other congenital infections, and other posited effect measure modifiers).

This will enable us to provide a more nuanced perspective on ZIKV epidemiology informed by a variety of study designs and immunologically distinct populations with varying background levels of STORCH pathogen exposure. These analyses will help improve our understanding of the absolute and relative risks of the spectrum of congenital Zika syndrome and neurocognitive outcomes that have been measured to date.


World Health Organization

Source of Funding

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  • Funder :World Health Organization
  • Project Category : Wellcome Award
  • Project Website :
  • Project Reference : 68564
  • Funded Period : Feb 2019 - Apr 2019
  • Funded Amount : USD 139,139