Journal Editor

Associate Editor. BMC Diagnostic and Prognostic Research. April 2016 - present.

Associate Editor. Cochrane Prognosis. 2017 - present.

Guest Editor. Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine. April 2016.


Scientific Manuscripts

A complete overview of my review and editorial activities can be found on Publons. A selection of journals I frequently undertake reviews for is given below.


Statistical Methods in Medical Research

Statistics in Medicine

Research Synthesis Methods

BMC Medical Research Methodology


Grant Proposals

I frequently review grant proposals on request of the following organisations:

Belgium. The Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) is a Belgian public research council, based in Brussels. It aims to support ground-breaking scientific research, especially in association with the universities and institutes of the Flemish Community, which include, among others, Ghent University, University of Leuven, and Free University of Brussels.

The Netherlands. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) is the national research council of the Netherlands. NWO funds thousands of top researchers at universities and institutes and steers the course of Dutch science by means of subsidies and research programmes. NWO promotes quality and innovation in science.

The United Kingdom. The Medical Research Council (MRC) is responsible for co-coordinating and funding medical research in the United Kingdom. The MRC focuses on high-impact research and has provided the financial support and scientific expertise behind a number of medical breakthroughs.



Contributing Member. High Performance Computing research infrastructure (UMC Utrecht) -

Contributing Member. Cochrane Individual Participant Data (IPD) Meta-analysis Methods Group -

Contributing Member. Cochrane Prognosis Methods Group -

Contributing Member. Evidence Synthesis Node - Charles Perkins Centre - The University of Sydney

Committee Member. Thomas C Chalmers Award (2016, 2017) - Cochrane Methods