Collaborative research in risk prediction

Collaborative research in risk prediction
Speaker: Thomas Debray
  • 25th Oct 2018
  • 1:30 PM TO 2:15 PM
  • QBio Symposium: When Life Science and Natural Science meet
  • Utrecht, The Netherlands
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Clinical prediction models (CPM) are an important tool in contemporary medical decision making and abundant in the medical literature. These models estimate the probability/risk that a certain condition is present or will occur in the future by combining multiple patient characteristics, e.g. from medical history, physical examination or imaging tests. Unfortunately, many published CPM perform relatively poor in clinical practice, often due to the use of inappropriate statistical methodology and low quality data. In this talk, I will illustrate how we can improve the validity and usefulness of developed prediction models by forming multidisciplinary and international collaborations to share expertise and patient-level data.