Although numerous artworks emerge as a psychological flux, imagination can also be promoted by withdrawing oneself to the deserts of the palpable. In an era where Prometheus has superseded Sisyphus as a leading prophet of peace, negotiations with cumber, demise and despair have abated. Nietzsche's last man is waking up, and more than ever wonders about the meaning of life. As perception grows within a context of confirmation and denial, most sense in life depends upon the natural dynamics and eternal discontinuity in relevance. The sense of life, however, remains an open question which ultimately cannot be answered from within. In a multiverse where waves of existence cover mutually exclusive states, reality solely exists in the dimensions and magnitudes one agrees to perceive.


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Artists at work are inspiring and intriguing. This collection aims to illustrate their creative efforts.

Bern Wery . Artist painter . Hoeilaart . Belgium